GRU is for " Ganil Root Utilities ".ROOT is a powerful framework base on C++ to analyze nuclear physic data. GRU enables to analyze Ganil data with Root directly from files in Ganil format.
Also, it can convert Ganil data in Root format files (TTree)
Vigru is a graphical interface to see histograms which ares produces by GRU or by Ganil Acquisition.


Vigru is a software to visualize a large number of histograms produced by a remote server of histograms. This server can be GRU which include a TCPIP server of histograms


Ganil_Tape is just a part of GRU with a graphical interface. Its aim is to handle tapes or files (runs) to verify their integrity or copy them.


Calimero is for "Calibration for Must with Root" Calimero is GRU with specific functionalities to calibrate MUST2 cards and now MATACQ cards

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